Two Unique Guided Healing Sessions
Each a 2 CD Set - A Great Spiritual Gift Idea!


Healing with the Lord ís Prayer

The King James Version

Two CD Set - Blessed Body Treatment CD1
Second CD - Blessed Prayer/Music CD2
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Healing with the Lord ís Prayer & Reiki

The King James Version and a Modern Rendition
Two CD Set - Heavenly Body Treatment CD1
Second CD is Heavenly Music-Only CD2

CD1 for both sets -The hands-on healing positions, with soothing music inspired by Gregorian Chant, enable you to listen comfortably and deeply to the divine and eternal truths of our Lordís Prayer. You receive:

  • Precise hand placements
  • Information and affirmations at each hand position
  • Deep prayer -we recite the Lord ís Prayer silently or together
  • Healing and soothing music inspired by Gregorian Chant -seven different melodies were developed to specifically relax and revitalize your body and mind

CD2 -King James Version - Blessed Prayer/Music
The Lord ís Prayer spoken in rounds with music inspired by Gregorian Chant.

CD2 -King James and a Modern Rendition -The Music Only
Music inspired by Gregorian Chant is blancing and uplifting and a treatment in itself..

ďAs I listened to the Lord ís Prayer and became silent,
a gentle rhythm swept through my body,and my two
weeks of fatigue and stress were washed away by
radiant energy.This CD is divinely inspired.Ē
Cheryl Thomas,L.Ac.

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